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8 Pcs/Set Essential Oil Set

Item Type: Natural Plant Extract Essential Oil SetCapacity: 10mlWeight: 40gCategories: 8 kinds Save Method: Clean, seal a cool storage bottleShelf Life: 3 yearsEfficacy: Calm mood, clear the mind and oxygen concentration increase skin, open pores, improve skin.Applicable Scenario: Aromatherapy, skin care, SPA, massage, yoga mobement household cleaning, etcHow to use:Aromatherapy, with other essential oils, base oils, botanical blends(prefessionals), massage skins, etcNote:1. Avoid light shade to deposit2. Please put in out og the reach of children3. Such as the eyes, please clesn with plenty of water 4. Don't try to small directly near the bottle, don't eat;5. Wspecially wensitive skin first use, can under the ears sensitive parts first trial, if no alllergic phenomenin can be used.Package Included:1 X Vetiver Essential Oil1 X Patchouli Essential Oil1 X Myrrh Essential Oil1 X Ylang Ylang Essential Oil1 X Black Pepper Essential Oil1 X Cinnamon Essential Oil1 X Juniperbery Essential Oil1 X Ginger Essential Oil

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