Revlon Jean Nate After Bath Splash for Women

This Sophisticated Fragrance is a rich combination of spices and floral notes that combine to make a unique evening perfume. A splash of crisp citrus blended with a variety of floral notes distinguishes this Unforgettable and Unmistakable Women's Fragrance. You'll find romantic lavender, classic rose, intoxicating jasmine, and fresh carnation in its aromatic profile. Consider joining the generations of women who have loved Revlon's Jean Nate, and made it an Iconic Feminine Fragrance.

This Jean Nate is a Signature Scent Ideal for Women who appreciate simplicity and elegance. Apply this after-bath splash anywhere you want a lingering aroma. Your special someone will appreciate the Long-Lasting Fragrance that is sure to turn heads and capture attention without overpowering everyone in the room.
  • Brand: JEAN NATE.
  • Recommended Use: Evening.

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