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Lavender Oil 2 Dram

Lavender Oil 2 Dram

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Our Lavender Essential Oil captures the essence of the flower of the same name, leaving it imbued with many of the same properties and powers as the flower. This makes it a fantastic aid to spells and rituals involving cleansing and healing. In this way, Natural Lavender Oil can also be used to help heal, functioning almost as a spiritual disinfectant to wash away the negative energies so that what remains can mend.

Also traditionally thought of as a Romantic Fragrance and Flower, our Lavender oil is also frequently used in spells and rituals of love, whether you're seeking it for yourself or another. This 2 Dram Lavender Oil has also been used in representing and drawing upon all of the astrological signs except for Scorpio and Libra, and it has similarly been used to draw upon the elemental powers of Earth or represent them in ritual as well.

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