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Aloha Bay

Aloha Bay Lava Stone Taper Candle Holder

Aloha Bay Lava Stone Taper Candle Holder

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This Lava Stone Taper Candle Holder is made to hold taper candles. The most eco-friendly candle on the planet, Lava Stone Taper Candle Holder is made from Eco Palm Wax.

Pillar Holder Lava Stone is an attractive natural lava stone holder for pillar or votive candles. This Aloha Bay Candle Holder is a 2.5" x 2.5" Square Candle Holder. The Length of our Aloha Bay Candle Holder is 2.5 inches and the Width is 2.5 inches.

  •  2.5" x 2.5"Candle Holder is hand-poured with steam distilled palm wax an all-vegetable virgin wax blend that contains no residues of harmful solvents.
  • The natural palm wax oil does not need to be refined only filtered and deodorized and is like olive oil a virgin oil in the sense that it is extracted by squeezing the fruit.
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