Unscented Floating Candle Disk Ivory

This Floating Candle Disk is unscented candles and smokeless candles, so no need to worry about unwanted scents during your romantic wedding or relaxing evening using these as tealight candles. Even as home decoration, spa setups, and bathroom bath time areas, these Wonderful Floating Candles work marvelously to produce a highly relaxing yet scentless smokeless atmosphere.

These Round Floating Candles make the perfect wedding favor candles to use as a romantic candle centerpiece. These Wedding Floating Candles come in a round, similar to tealight candles, shape that helps to keep them floating on water or any other liquid during your romantic wedding.

Although bearing a strikingly elegant appearance, these Romantic Wedding Favor Candles are not only good for weddings or anniversaries. They are perfect mini candles for simple romantic evenings or even a humble memorial candle.

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